Podcast Grows.

We produce podcasts.

1. Project

Who scripts contents? What topics are hot? Who schedules the recordings?

These are FAQ in Podcast projects and we have all the answers. When a podcast is planned well, it’s easy and fun to do. We offer support at all stages of production. Our clear pricing includes all necessary work steps for a successful outcome.

2. Production

The most visible stage of podcast production is the recording of conversations. In our studio, you will find high-quality equipment, a competent producer and a distraction-free environment for the production of a good talk show.

The podcast is not a live broadcast, so there is no need to worry about recording. Skilled producer edits an intact episode of interesting conversations and creates an interesting soundscape, signature music and effects for engaging content. 

3. Distribution

We distribute all the content we produce to streaming services free of charge.

Our comprehensive selection includes the most popular Spotify and Apple Podcasts, but also dozens of smaller platforms.


Olli Hokkanen

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Bring your message to audio ERA.

As the popularity of audio content grows, we make sure that your company’s message is also heard on waves.

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